Financial civil disobedience and the right of rebellion. An invitation to mass civil disobedience.

Letter published by Enric Duran, after court case information appeared in press.

Las Wednesday November 23rd, we found out through the press (…) that the public prosecutor has made a petition of 8 years of prison for the financial civil disobedience action, made public by me on September 17th 2008, with the publication of “Crisi” (See:

It is important to clarify that this is the only novelty that has transcended about my criminal procedure. I have been able to confirm that the oral procedure phase has not started and still doesn’t have scheduled dates. The information of the 23rd followed other information about a civil procedure with BBVA, to which I presented myself last Friday November 18th (release on this:, but this has nothing to do with the criminal procedure. Some people misunderstood and thought it had been initiated, so I want to clarify that this is not so and reassure everyone in this sense.

The second and main reason of this statement is to explain to friends, colleagues and everyone that has shown interest about the novelties of my judicial procedure, what my point of view is about the strategy to follow, so you can have it in mind from now on.
First of all I want to recall that in my declaration of December 17th 2008, I stated: “I do not believe the judicial system is legitimized to judge me”. Since then, many things have happened that have made me completely reassure myself on this position:
The lack of a legal action upon the speculative “disappearance” of millions of Euros in the financial world, that has inflicted severe consequences on the population.

The September 2011 Spanish constitution reform to benefit the banks, establishing payment of public debt as an “absolute priority” and without citizen consultation.
The severe health cuts in Catalonia that have already taken lives and cut down the quality of life of all the people.
The recent amnesty of Alfredo Saenz, banker of Santander Bank, coinciding with the favours this bank has towards the political party PSOE and its leaders
“When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people
and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most
indispensible of duties”.

I believe that who is not worthy of my deposit of sovereignty, doesn’t have the legitimacy to accuse or judge me, obviating the existing conflict between the ruling classes and the masses.
A public prosecutor office that inhibits itself while bankers and politicians conspire against the people, has no legitimacy to accuse me of anything or to impose any penalty for a political act like mine.
The laws upon which my accusation is based upon, have no validity when used for the benefit of those “above” and against popular classes.
Precisely, my anti-banks action, was an act of retrieval and social justice, to rebalance, though in a small way, some of the injustices commited by those in power.

My action is part the political fight of the people for freedom from the dominion and oppression of the dominant classes, any reading that hides this fact will be partial and manipulating.
To all those friends that worry about me going to prison, to those that imagine I will be suffering thinking about this possibility, I want you to know that is not so. I am inspired and excited as always with what may happen and, most of all, with what we can be capable of doing.

In the “Crisi” publication I already stated:
“If the state is unable of escaping the pressure of the forces in power, let everyone see it when keeping someone like me in prison”.
It is true that prison is a possibility for me. It was from the very moment I decided to start bank disobedience, when I made my action public and when I returned to public activity on March 16th, becoming a reality during two months.
I know that if I return to prison, some doors would close but other opportunities would open. Power resists putting us in prison for political actions of civil disobedience because it knows it implies a strong loss of its legitimacy and can turn against them. Different moments in history have shown us that imprisonment of social activists can be the beginning of success for the goals we fight for.

Without going any further, it is worthwhile recalling the role played by the unsubmissive to military service with the elimination of compulsory military service.
In February 1989, fifty-seven young rebels declared themselves unsubmissive to compulsory military service. From then until 2001, when military service was abolished, 1670 desobedient passed through prison (source:

Some people ask how can they support me. Rather than giving an answer I propose changing the question. “If you come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you come because you feel that your liberation is tied to mine… the lets work together”. What do you think about this question: How can we work together?
I think your time is too valuable to waste spreading texts, collecting signatures or participating in demonstrations for my acquittal. Such actions run the risk of making us think that the answers lie in politics, when we know that is not so: we are the ones that have the answer.

I will not encourage any support campaign to prevent me from going to prison, what motivates me is that all the time there are more and more of us that move into action.
If I could, I would do it again. I would repeat once again the bank disobedience action and in the future I will continue to do everything in my reach, regardless of risking arrest once again.

1, 2, 3, 1000 unsubmissive we want. Only by spreading disobedience have we a real chance to change the world.
For of this, with some colleges, we started the initiative “We exercise the right of rebellion” last September. We then declared the lack of legitimacy of the operating state institutions, in the context of the financial coup the current Constitution stands in. Through the manifesto that gave birth to this initiative, we facilitate contact between people who are committed to state insubordination and disobedience to all laws and all policies that we consider unjust.

It is within this initiative, “the right of rebellion”, that I want to frame the political response to a hypothetical trial for bank disobedience. Therefore, rather than supporting actions for my acquittal, I invite you to read our manifesto, and if you can assume personal commitment to civil disobedience, you can join the 540 people that are currently part if it.
The right of rebellion is not just a proposal for coordinated civil disobedience, but also a strategy of action that wants to go deeper into the view of a world committed with self-management and the construction of alternatives to capitalism.
For this, as stated in the manifesto, we are calling to total tax resistance in the state, to redirect our taxes towards self-management in the local assemblies, born in many areas from the 15-M movement and, in some cases, linked to the date to a comprehensive cooperative.

Local assemblies, seeking to become increasingly popular, and comprehensive cooperatives that are growing day by day, are some examples of self-management alternatives to the current system. They are examples that are much more worthy of the deposit of popular sovereignty for people like me, who participate daily in politics from assembly movements, rather than the Spanish state institutions or the Generalitat of Catalonia ones.
If you want to organize in a group: participate in local assemblies, create a local working group for the right of rebellion, or gather with people from your area to participate in a comprehensive cooperative. These could be some of the best ways to collaborate.

“I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful servitude”.
I know speaking of the extension of disobedience, of the risks of detention and prison, brings up our fears and insecurities. But I also know from experience, that the experience of freedom, understood as the consistency between thought and action, generates a feeling of well-being that 1000 bars cannot block.
Right now it is not misery, nor prison, nor the police who we have to scare us. What has to raise fear in us is fear itself, because it is the only thing that really separates us from the empowerment we need to regain control of our lives and our society.

Therefore my fellow, I am asking you to overcome your fears, to stop praising those we face and face them with us. You, in your own way, can also do something more and with time you will have more and more people around you to walk with you along this path.
If you disobey, do not hide. Publicly recognise your commitment to rebel and share with your environment your experience of dignity. This is how we will socialize courage and ensure no rebel fells alone again.

Martin Luther King said more than 40 years ago “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.” We can not let history repeat itself with our generation.
A gang of financial criminals have kidnapped the little left of democratic in our states and are carrying out a premeditated/deliberate plan to cut down our social rights, only to increase their profits. This situation adds to the serious ecological, energy, food, social and values crisis that accompany the decline of the capitalist system.

We are fortunate to be the most informed generation in history. We have learnt that there are millions of people willing to act. Now there are no excuses.
Indignation is not enough; only compromise accompanied by an attitude of disobedience regarding the political and financial power, can lead us to achieve our goals. There is no short-term safety that can be an excuse to leave the social engagement to later. With mutual support we will help each other through difficulties; from self-management we can solve the problems of our neighbours, much better than the state is doing..

Taking the streets to exhaustion is not enough, we need you to stop obeying, to stop giving orders, to stop paying your mortgage, to stop paying your taxes to the state and give them directly to the people, to stop buying from multinationals, to stop accepting discrimination of any kind. Whatever your chains are, brake them.
We can all unite to turn our lives together into a collective act of insubordination to power and into a joint building of the society we carry within.