A call to unite and build support networks online and on-the-ground.

After 2 years of living underground and out of the public eye, the time has finally come for me to get ready for my journey back to freedom. The journey won’t be easy, and will require a lot of work to build widespread support. This is the reason for making this appeal to create teams for the ongoing collaborative effort needed in order to make this happen.

Before getting into the details, a few opening remarks:

>>My legal and personal background >>

I’ve spent roughly 2 years living underground after failing to appear at a criminal trial on the 12th of February, 2013, in which the prosecuting attorney and 16 banking institutions called for an 8-year prison sentence for the acts of bank-related civil disobedience  which I carried out between the years 2005-2008. An arrest warrant has been in effect since then, but never has been enforced as the authorities have not found me.

Before the trial began, the provincial court dismissed each and every one of the 30 witnesses that my defense had presented to testify against the banking system, especially regarding money creation, was (and is…) such a significant factor in our society that it justified the actions taken.

That means that what they wanted to do at the hearing was to silence all my arguments and put me in jail for common crimes, completely disconnected from the charges made which had proven all the damage, for many years, that the banking system has done to the lives of the majority of the population of Europe and the world.
This and the proven complicity between the judicial and executive branches and the banking powers gave me reason to reject the official judicial process, and I began to search for alternative ways to find justice. With the situation as it stands, I think it’s easy to understand why I chose not to cooperate with their farce.

About 1 year ago, the court suspended the case until such time as they found me, and more than a year ago, an independent mediation group began to undertake a process of restorative justice, which has gone nowhere due to the unwillingness of most of the banks involved to build bridges through dialogue.

Now, all that’s left is dissemination, mobilization and social pressure.

an image of the welcome party 21-05-2009 after two months in jail

>Current social and political context>>
Many things have changed since these events, and in the context of the historical rate of acceleration we’re living in, there have been many changes in the last two years.

People are unmasking the corrupt powers that, until recently, seemed as if they could do whatever they pleased.

The political class fears the people; this has not been the case for decades.

The repression and impunity of the police and courts are all over the covers of news and magazines (thank you #ciutatmorta).

To sum it up bluntly, this isn’t just a time of change, this is a whole new era …

Along with other powers, for years now the banking system has been discredited, and much of the extortion of the central banks is being responded to by citizens and new political actors. Every day there is more support as shown by the election of SYRIZA to govern Greece.
However, the very root of banking’s privilege – the unjust system of money creation – persists, and has little impact on public opinion, although significant cracks have appeared in the status quo, as can be seen in the discussion that took place a few months ago in British Parliament.
As has been achieved at other times in history, now is the time to multiply these fissures and transform the monetary system, once and for all, to respond to the needs of the ordinary people instead of the minority’s lust for power.

Therefore, among other things, I would prefer to link my freedom campaign to place the question “How money is created?” at the center of public debate, in line with the initial action which was meant to reveal this sort of thing.

>In-person group to prepare my return and to activate FairCoop >>
The most concrete and important part of this call is extending the invitation to proactive and motivated people who are available to travel for a period of time. I want to form a team of 6 or 7 people, exceptionally confident and available for in-person cooperation directly with me. We will change locations as necessary, in order to achieve our goals: #returnwithfreedom and #faircoop

After two years, and faced with the significance of the challenge, I feel that in order to launch a campaign with an adequate sense of assurance, we must form a nucleus where we can contribute with steady strength, against all odds and contingencies that may arise.

Only from this pivotal position can we take the necessary steps together and make this happen!

This group will also manage the dynamic extension and future projects of FairCoop, the global cooperative. This challenge requires a high level of pro-active ability to handle the upcoming goals and projects.

Remember the goal: to enable the transition to a new world, reducing economic and social inequalities among human beings as much as possible, and simultaneously contributing to a new global wealth, accessible by all humanity in the form of the commons. Find out more here: http://fair.coop

So, just as we decry the banking system and current political system, we’re also constructing a new economic system based on cooperation, decentralization and the inherent right of everyone to have their basic needs covered. All this is based on centering the objectives of our economic activities on human beings and the planet.

If you’re a motivated, pro-active, courageous person interested in social justice, respect for human rights and the implementation of new, post-capitalist economies (among other forms of activism), and you find yourself free and available in this moment, without any job responsibilities…you’re invited!


  • The possibility of living and working in an environment of collective activism (good vibes, mutual support, love for the revolution), based in the integral revoltion, the commons transition, and the construction of a new economic and social system with the human being at its core.

  • Your expenses for lodging, trips, food, etc., will be covered based on your active participation.

  • The possibility of infinite connections with other networks and activist collectives, through which you can share, grow, and learn so much.

To qualify for participation in this group, you must first do the following:

  • Send a letter explaining your motivation to info@enricduran.cat
  • Fill out this form: https://fair.coop/in-person-form/

Once you receive this, if in-person cooperation is possible, we will share encryption keys (and if necessary, tutorials) to enable secure communication. If it applies, we may ask for more details and references to establish the trust necessary for participation.
Our priority in forming this team is that people have the appropriate skills and experience for the work we must do together. We value specific knowledge and experience, as follows:

  • Website edition and administration
  • Communication in digital media, social networks, etc.
  • Good writing skills
  • Creating social movement networks on a transnational level
  • Graphic design for digital media
  • Project expediting / organizational abilities
  • Proficiency in multiplelanguages
  • Programming ability in languages such as PHP, Python and C++
    As you can see, we need to assemble a team with diversified skills, covering much of the above-listed expertise.

The trips will only be within Europe; there may be several trips back and forth to a space where we can collaborate, as long as doing so ensures consistent participation and helps achieve the group’s goals.

You can come join this working team beginning February 10th, but we will also consider bringing in additional people a little later, if necessary.

>> Call to create local support groups >>

For the better part of our colleagues who won’t be able to participate in-person, we invite you to create your own local support groups in your area, autonomously. The group you create can help spread and develop the support initiatives proposed and made public by the in-person support groups.

If you intend to create a group or would like to participate, send an email to info@enricduran.cat and we’ll see how we can get started collaborating.

More information at: http://www.enricduran.cat/en

Enric Duran – January 28th, 2015

This post is also available in: Catalan, Spanish


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