One year later, we are closer to creating a fair trial

It’s been a year since February 12th, 2013, when I was brought to trial without witnesses, with no time for preparation and pre-condemning the defence case, and they weren’t able to get away with it.

Since then it’s been more than 365 days living underground, protecting from the trenches, the freedom which means not being subject to the designs of a state that I never wished to be a part of.

From a distance, I still observe the banks which continue unperturbed, maintaining the same privileges and destructive practices towards humanity which prompted me to take action years ago, and that the states not only continue making cuts on social rights, but also on the most basic individual and civil rights.

I will not go further in to this because the social networks are already full of material on the subjet, but I find that every day which passes gives more legitimacy to the actions we have taken in the past and the ones we are planning for the future.

I would not change the decision of not turning up at the trial one year ago. This has given me the chance to follow through the internet, without interruptions, the historical and revolucionary process of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana of which we have already published the yearly review:

The CIC’s path is facing new challenges and objectives for 2014 such as:

  • Supporting personal empowerment in all areas of life. Comprehensive protection of persons participating in the integral revolution.
  • Care of human relationships in all areas of the CIC (workspaces, living spaces, affinity based shared spaces…)
  • Empowering local self-management processes. Special emphasis on the promotion of productive projects in the territory.
  • Strengthening the process of creating a cooperative public system.
  • Independence from banks, strengthening the means of doing payments, consolidation of the internal economy between the CIC’s members and coordinated marketing of shared production.
  • Expanding the number of people with comprehensive knowledge of the CIC and with active participation in the process

These objectives are important enough to keep prioritizing my energies towards them and because of this I do not wish to risk my freedom as we move forward, step by step, creating a new world, one which might fit on our planet.

Meanwhile, in the cave of the old world, the background motivation for my action continues to be ignored, while the system continues exercising the monopoly of force which the very same privileged ones, who never get caught, have bestowed upon it, but it will not work with me.

There have been some developments since the last update.

After spending many months in breach of as basic a right as being able to defend myself in a court proceeding, towards late October I finally was informed that they had already appointed a lawyer, more than 7 months after the minutes announcing the date.

The latest developments in the judicial process, are that in this month of January it is being suspended indefinitely due to my absence, (see minutes of the second section of the Provincial Court judgement:

It has also been announced that I have been placed on the register of rebels managed by the ministry of justice! In truth it is the only state registry that I can feel at ease in…

In fact I have already declared myself in rebellion, and I did it in the posting of the 20th Februray 2013 in which I questioned the current legal system:

In the same statement, I argued that it was necessary to build an alternative to the prevailing judicial system, and since then we have worked on and continue to work on the resolution of the conflict between the worlds that my case brings with it, be it through the spreading of a new way of carrying out justice.

For all these reasons it is an important development that with the support of the restorative justice working group with which I already have been working since before the summer, I requested a restorative mediation to a group of people who have training and experience in this field, and the proposal has been taken on and they are working to generate a process of direct dialogue between complainants, banks, prosecution, etc, and people related which will defend the action of expropriating from banks.

Stay tuned to my blog, because in a few weeks there will be more news!

Enric Duran
February 17, 2014





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