1-O should remind us to not ever forget that people’s power is unstoppable

The celebration of the referendum of independence of Catalonia, with results of more than 2.2 million votes, has shown many things and some of them very important for those of us that believe more in the self-organization capacity of the people than in any State .

And it has shown that a decentralized and massive disobedience movement can not be stopped by the repressive forces of the State.

The national police and the civil guard were only able to stop some voting centers in few hours. They were absolutely incapable of having a widespread impact on a referendum that had more voters than for example the referendum on the European constitution or that of the Statute of 2006.

It has just been a real display of what was already explained with this article from la Directa, after a detailed study:


Police’s violence has been brutal, outraged and shameless. Yet, it is just another example – a very mediatic one – of what is the State’s repression. There were more than 800 injured, to whom I also wish to have a quick recovery.

Many have suffered in recent decades similar repressive episodes; with the addition of having to fight also for this repression to appear in the press, not counting with the support of any political or economic central power. The Catalan participants of the demonstrations against the G8 in Genoa in 2001 would remember it , especially those who have seen the terror at Scuola Diaz. This episode, by the way, did not even receive the support of the Catalan government at that time.

What is more special and unique is the power that millions of people have shown in participating and coming through a successful disobedience action, even though a state has done everything possible to prevent it. This disobedient capacity of the self-organized people will not be discussed in the European Parliament nor will have the attention of most of the media. This is why it is the bottom-op processes and the social and community media that need to address this issue. So that we appreciate, extend and, above all, never forget the disobedient capacity of the self-organized people.

There are many more events where this demonstration of people’s power would also be important. Invite 20000 refugees without waiting for a state to accept it; Avoid evictions of more homeless people; Stop enormous constructions in a natural territory.

And still would be many more if we can think globally.

It is clear that if they can concentrate thousands of police in the same place, it would be more difficult in that place, but that would only indicate that the rest of the territory is free so that we can self-manage it. And finally, finally, there is no way to prevent popular sovereignty from below, if it is exercised in a coordinated and decentralized way.

I am sure that the defense of Catalan self-determination will take into account how the power of the people is unstoppable in the coming days. I also hope that all the just causes of the world in which citizens have to face the repressive forces of a state will never be forgotten and especially those cases that we will need to defend the self-management of daily life in front of the authoritarianism of states.

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