Radi.ms. A new media is born from the integral revolution to the world

After anticipate a few months ago, today is born RADI.MS

I spread the statement from today, the best you can do is discover  the page yourself http://www.radi.ms 



"Revolutionaries, activists, disobedient, Integrals, creators, movers,  dreamers, 
free, committed, resistant, networked and  selfmanaged.
The choice of disobedience as our path is what moved us to organize ourselves 
and create spaces which are autonomous and free from oppression.

Our strategy was born on February 2013 with the protection of the freedom of 
those who  have already  disobeyed and who are feeling harassed by the 
mechanisms  of power.

This is how RADI began, as a collective structure for the protection  and 
defense of activists committed to the radical transformation of  society.

Now we want to step forward with strength and be more proactive. We already know 
that one of the most powerful ways to protect those who are  fighting is to 
disseminate news of their actions. This is why RADI is  starting off in the 
field of information.

Springing from a spirit of rebellion,       from everywhere, anywhere and nowhere.
A quality media , because being an activist does not mean giving up being a 
An independent media, because being a journalist does not mean giving up being a 
To unlearn everything that we were taught which tore us apart.
To make visible what unites us in diversity.
For the common good, not the good of the State, or the 1%
To remember that there is only one earth, of which all the creatures that 
inhabit it are equally a part.
To narrate the events from other worlds that are being built. To discover new 
technologies that can help us in our liberation.
To network with other media anywhere in the world.
To build a shield against repression, whilst we empower our self-organization.
That’s why we are announcing that a new media is born.

RADI.MS  A new world from the Integral Revolution.

First articles:

- Cherán K´eri. Celebrating three years of autonomy.

- Disappear 500 million debt of Chilean students. The artist Francisco “papas 
fritas”  confessed and self-reported.

- The Tax Resisters movement in USA.

- Disobedience is not the problem of our society, but civil obedience.  Report 
of the borderless economic Disobedience second Meeting.

- Currencies, the creation of money and the redistribution of wealth.

- Towards a self managed Senior organization.

- Integral cooperatives network. Report of the borderless integral cooperative 
third meeting

- Come Back. A story we wrote together.



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