After few moths of hard work looking to the future.

These have been very intense months, because on top of everything we are already carrying we have added some brand new initiatives.

I have already dedicated the front page of the blog to present the launching of, and there I have published two articles on subjects which I consider of interest:

Currencies, the creation of money and the redistribution of wealth

Towards a shared and disobedient crowdfunding platforms network

And I have also been involved in the publication of these recent news:

Disappear 500 million debt of Chilean students

Towards an Open Commons Society: The Transition Plan for Equador

On the other hand, at the end of April we started a project we had been wishing to see materialise for a long time, after spending much energy on its inception. I am talking about Coopfunding, which I have been actively promoting for a few months, but had no time to announce here.

Coopfunding is already been used to promote and contribute to the sustainability of many projects based on cooperation, self management and the integral revolution.


Coopfunding, following the principles of the CIC and the integral revolution, defines itself for being a very flexible platform, which adapts to the needs of the projects and that, at the same time, provides facilities to reduce the dependency on those expensive and counterproductive credit cards.

Amongst the projects taking part in Coopfunding we already have which is currently starting off and already been used in some of the eco networks. Without doubt Integralces is another one of the key tools for building a new autonomous economic system. This will allow us to directly control the software we use for our own banking system and from there link the accounts to web pages with whom we want to have financial exchanges, like Coopfunding itself.

With the CIC we are already on our fourth year running. This year we pointed towards the consolidation of our economic system, to improve our autonomy and diversify our sources of income.
Whilst we are developing the software and the methodologies of management to permit optimum efficiency in the most delicate areas of work, like welcoming new members and financial management, we also aim to develop a series of projects and tools to facilitate the economic activity of the members between themselves and also of the CIC with the outside world. In this way, as well as the already mentioned CoopFunding and, we will add in September and October the Exchange Offices and the Virtual Marketplace, which, as well as been crucial for the CIC will also prove useful to the members.

All the projects we are undertaking in order to create the model of society we actually want and all the expansion of our budget this year in order to finance them, have taken us to use Coopfunding ourselves in order to generate the funds needed to keep going.

All this, we have to remember, is because CIC does not accept credit with interest, because it does not want to participate in the conventional financial system. This means we have to be very careful with how we allocate funds in order not to run in to problems.

In order to give visibility to the CIC, we now have the documentary “Shortcuts” (Atajos esp. Dreceres cat.) , which has followed, during 2 years, some of the most meaningful projects of our movement. It’s a matter of days before the documentary will be available on the web.

Another one of the projects I have been involved with so that it could start off in the last weeks, is the web portal , which aims at giving another view of the juidicial system.
With this project, we fill a void in the Catalan territory, for a reference and information point on the restorative model for managing and resolving conflicts as an alternative to the punitive system which we had for so many centuries. The project is only beginning, and we hope that bit by bit, more grups and professionals in the areas related to restorative justice will be able to join and share their contributions.

And so, after so much work creating all these projects, it’s time to start looking towards startegies for my return to freedom, which I would like to be before the end of the year.
It’s not yet time to give more detailed information, but I would still like to ask you to pay attention to the information which we will soon be able to share, probably a few in the next weeks but certainly more starting from September.

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