Enric Duran i Giralt was born on the 23d of April 1976 at 12.30 noon in Vilanova i la Geltrú, in the shire of Garraf. In this page we trace his political trajectory since he bagan to be involved with social and political movements. Following the chronological thread we can also see how the political, social and economical context has been changing, until the present systemic crisis has reached a free fall stage which shows the misery of the capitalist system. In this climate, where everything seems tragic, other practices are trying to paint new ways and give inspiration to keep on the long path towards empowerment and self direction.


The first mobilizations

LThe AGP, the social forum in Florence and local activism.


We begin the local work: El Infoespai


The need to do something

De-growth: desmanteling growth, re building the world.

De-growth march

“From the march to the net: Conference “let’s start downsizing, let’s build counter power”

Direct action: the bank expropriation

I have expropirated 492.000 euros from 39 banks through 68 loans. Including the interest accrued for late payment the total now would be around 500.000, which I will not pay.

How to make public this action whilst using it as an opportunity to denounce the current financial system: Through the publishing of CRISI.

The response to this action within the international political context of the financial crisis.

Social support: Call to direct action and the building of alternatives to the current banking sysytem.

Cooperatives: tools for building from the ground up.

The debtors community: a way of generating support.

Cooperatives and Management Councils.

17 de març: una nova publicació massiva i la tornada de l’Enric.

Investigation and defence of insubmission.

A17 March: another mass publication and the return of Enric.

Decree of preventive detention.

Release from prison


UA new stage: the daily practice of creating alternatives.

From the idea of the Crisis collective to the emergence of practical tools: The Integrated Catalan Cooperative.

Putting the foundations in place

he first gatherings of the Integrated Catalan Cooperative. (CIC)


The 15M outburst

If we are starting from the premises that politics do not represent us, we have to learn to make our own decisions, as a self organized people, on the things that affect us.

Starting the process: Shared ownership

Calafou: the industrial estate


Call for mass civil disobedience.

The initiative “Let’s practice our right to rebel” and the manual on economic disobedience

DReaffirmation our startegy in front of the civil court and the press.

The bank insummision and the right to rebel.

115 march: Launching of the mass publication “Rebel·leu-vos”

The explosion of the cooperative model

Tools for financement: CASX

Public Cooperative System

The self employed membership of the cooperative as a tool for financial sustainability

The net of Integrated Cooperatives.

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