Enric from the Screen of Texas Cinema of Barcelona.

Statement read at the Human Rights award ceremony of the  Films and Human Rights Festival in Barcelona

Dear Fina thanks for all the support you have given me and for collecting the award on my behalf. I wished that I could have been there in person, but with the pending arrest warrant in Spain, it made it quite difficult. However in the coming days we will reactivate  the #Returnwithfreedom campaign with the […]

Zona a defendre (ZAD) in the south of France

Learning from democratic autonomy to build communal autonomy

In recent years the debate on the options for political organization beyond the State organization have been rekindled. This has been due to experimentation with democratic confederalism in Rojava, and to what they are calling democratic autonomy.   In the context of a non-state control of the territory, during a war situation, under the protection of Kurdish militias and their allies, this new society is being built without having to unseat state structures, which are evident in their absence.       […]