Collection of signatures, nor search, nor capture nor imprisonment for Enric Duran

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Demand that the Barcelona Provincial Court revokes the search, capture and detention decree for Enric Duran announced on March 13th.

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Enric Duran did not show up to the trial which would have him spend eight years in prison because he does not consider the judicial system to be entitled to judge. He argues that it is more reciprocal to society for him to be free than imprisoned. He has written an open letter to the court, in which he states that he will not accept any decision in which he cannot participate. He has therefore announced that he will present a proposal of reciprocity that benefits all society.
We call upon the Barcelona Provincial Court with this collection of signatures, to reject Enric Duran’s search, capture and detention decree. This petition is made by the prosecution and 16 banks (Caja Madrid, La Caixa, CAM, Santander Consumer, Bancaja, Caixa Sabadell, Box Galicia, El Corte Ingles, Barclays Bank General Electric Bank, Bankpyme, Sygma Bank, Cetelem, Cofidis, Finconsum and Citifin) after taking out loans worth 492,000 euros, and not returning them. Instead, he used them to fund projects for the development of self management which after years of study and construction have culminated in the integral cooperatives movement. 

Enric Duran’s judicial process is currently at an impasse after he did not attend the trial on the 12th of February. We now know the resolution of the Provincial Court on the 13th of March decreeing search, seizure and detention for Enric Duran, as the prosecutor had asked the day of judgment. We will ask for the revocation of this dictum because we do not consider it legitimate to enact changes in a legal status without a person responsible for the defense.

Whatever happens, Enric has no intention of collaborating with a lawsuit against him that does not consider the political motivations behind the action, especially if this lawsuit ignores the legal argument of necessity by denying the 23 witnesses presented by the defendant. These included the chairmen of the directors’ boards of some of the accusing banks and former employees of banking offices willing to declare about the ease with which credits were granted. Among these there was also  a representative of the Bank of Spain’s inspectors. He was called in connection with a report submitted to this institution that warned of the ‘runaway’ Spanish financial system at the time of the events. Enric Duran does not consider the judicial system to be entitled to judge. He upholds that he can be much more useful to society if he is free, rather than imprisoned. This is why he has written an open letter to the court, where he says he will not accept any decision in which he cannot participate, because he believes in conflict resolution methods where all affected people can take part. Therefore he has announced a reciprocal proposal that can benefit all society.

Enric Duran has said that he has begun to proactively protect himself, even before being wanted by the court. He warned that it is a conscious decision; It means the beginning of a new collective project to create a collective structure preventing any disobedient person from going to jail.
Before all this we require the Court to allow the proposal of Enric Duran and to revoke the decree of search, capture and detention.
You can also give support to Enric Duran by participating in the crowdfunding campaign that is taking place in Coopfunding. This campaign is conceived so that neither he nor any other disobedient person can go to jail.

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